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Citrix Netscaler

Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one service and application delivery solution that accelerates application performance, increases application availability and improves application security. NetScaler integrates multiple capabilities such as Layer 4 to Layer 7 switching, SSL acceleration, application firewall, load balancing, caching and performance monitoring into a single solution. This enables easier deployment and a single point of management.

Citrix Netscaler offers businesses:  

  • Advanced load balancing for servers and datacenters.
  • Application-aware health monitoring capabilities.
  •  Built-in tools for quick deployment of new applications.
  • Enhanced web application performance by  HTTP compression, dynamic content caching and automated TCP optimization.
  • Enhanced performance and network bandwidth savings by advanced multi-level compression.
  • Robust content caching to instantly deliver application content to users while eliminating multiple server requests for duplicate data.


PC Solutions offers:

  • Presales consultancy on application feasibility study to validate the application for  virtualization.
  • Architecture designing, solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing on end to end application delivery in line with the business requirement.
  • Conduct proof of concept and final implementation of the proposed solution.
  • Provide onsite and remote SLA based post sale support.



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