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Symantec Protection Suite

Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition offers powerful, centralized visibility and control Center enabling policy enforcement, consolidated reporting, and real-time intelligence to increase security posture while reducing upfront and on-going costs.

Key Features

  • Fast, effective protection powered by Symantec Insight, for laptops, desktops, servers, messaging and web gateways--protection beyond antivirus.
  • Prevents data loss and reduces spam with advanced content filtering to identify and control the flow of sensitive data in email and IM.
  • Web gateway security that protects against web threats, including malicious software, spyware, botnets, viruses, and malware.
  • Rapid data and system recovery options to recovers individual files and folders in seconds or complete Windows systems in minutes to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments.
  • Integrated protection technologies such as network access control, antivirus, antispyware, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention, application and device control technologies.

PC Solutions Expertise

  • Architecture designing, Solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing on  Symantec protection suite  in line with the business requirement.
  • Conducting proof of concept and final implementation of the proposed solution
  • Onsite and remote SLA based post implementation support for existing and new customers.
  • Implementation of Application and Device control features available in antivirus solution.
  • Implementation of Antivirus Solution in the DC and DR environment.
  • Implementation of Antivirus solution in the High Availability.



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