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Routing and Switching

Routers and switches are the basic building blocks of all communication networks. PC Solutions offers appropriate design, proper implementation, timely maintenance and up gradation of routing and switching technologies in line with the needs of the business applications. This enables the organization to:

  • Share Applications
  • Enhance speed of applications access
  • Improve  customer service
  • Reduce  operating costs
  • Improve security
  • Enable remote connections


 PC Solutions Expertise-

  • Architecture designing, Solution overviews and IT infrastructure sizing ,delivery in line with the business requirement.
  • Conducting proof of concept and final implementation of the proposed solution.
  • Onsite and remote SLA based post sales support for existing and new customers.

* Source: Cisco



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The PC Solutions "QUEST": Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.

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