Devendra Taneja



Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Realization of every great dream is the result of unbreakable patience and strong determination

This guiding philosophy of Mr. Devendra Taneja inspired him to carve a dream into reality known as “PC Solutions”. A visionary leader and a key motivator, Mr. Devendra Taneja’s relentless efforts and fortitude have led PC Solutions since 1988 towards pinnacle of success. His unwavering resolution to provide customized and client friendly end-to-end solutions globally, provide the organization with a distinct inclination to serve the customer in a flexible and responsible manner.

An Electronics and Telecommunication engineer, Mr. Taneja's  confidence in his idea to merge advanced technology with smart service enabled him to create a unique business model twenty five years back. A constant learner driven by the need to inovate, he embraces change and adapts to new technologies with high speed thereby ensuring that PC Solutions stays synonymous with agility, dynamism and vitality. Under his leadership PC Solutions is continuously evolving by upgrading human skills and compentencies along with an upgradation in IT services and infrastructure offered to customers. He is respected across the industry for his strong business ethics, strategy moves which focus on bottom lines and his ability to develop people through empowerment. He has a rich professional experience in leading companies like Bharat Electronics Ltd and Wipro InfoTech Ltd that rendered him the exposure to global standards and helped in develop his strong leadership qualities.

Today PC Solutions stands strong on 1.72 billion Rupees revenue from products, IT technology solutions and services. Undoubtedly, it is his and the team’s hard work accompanied by meticulous planning that has expanded the business into new dimensions. He is the spearhead in the global strategic partner development, industry associations and business plans.

Mr. Taneja gives priority to development which benefits everyone and therefore his approach towards business engulfs the basic concept of holistic development. As he often inspires his team at PC Solutions: “Growth without the spirit of challenge is no advancement therefore facing the challenge with determination, capability and innovation is real growth. And the good sign is that we are Growing”

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