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Case Study - HERO


Data Collaboration Portal Solution Case Study Built on Microsoft Windows Azure


Data Collaboration Portal Solution Case Study

Built on Microsoft Windows Azure

Hero Logo

“Worlds No.1” Two Wheeler Manufacturer


Country or Region: India

Industry: Automobile


Customer Profile

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (Formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) is the world's largest manufacturer of two – wheelers,based in India.


Business Situation

Had a decentralized team working from different geographical locations and needed to collaborate in a secure manner.



A separate data collaboration and content sharing portal was created on Azure using the cloud services and Azure Blob Storage. There was close integration with Email and access management.



·    Avoids Capital Investment

·    Assures security and governance

·    Improvers collaboration and productivity

·    Guarantees 99.99 percent uptime

·    Reduces back up and storage risks


“The Azure solution customized by PC Solutions has helped us collaborate across geographical boundaries with ease and flexibility. The worries regarding security and availability of information have been dealt with by the solution”

Vijay Sethi, Vice President & CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (formerly Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) is the world's largest manufacturer of two – wheelers for the last 12 years in a row. The company sells more than 6 million two wheelers in a year and has huge focus on operational efficiencies and customer relationships. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. has a very strong IT base and is a pioneer in adopting leading edge technologies.


The Organization had a decentralized team working from various geographical locations and they were already using a cloud solution which was posing a lot of challenges in terms of security and tracking of the data being shared.Along with the implementation partner, PC Solutions, they developed a solution on Microsoft Windows Azure platform which provided them with a reliable, secure platform where storage, service support and security suited their business requirements.

PC Solutions





“The Azure based platform is always available and the Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99 percent uptime, thus resolving unreliability issues.”

Avnesh Jain, DGM-IT, Hero MotoCorp Ltd


“Administration is no longer a worry as Microsoft is responsible for all patches, upgrades and maintenance of the data center&PC Solutions for administration, maintenance and hosting related resource management.”

SujoyBrahmachari, General Manager & CISO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd

Vijay Sethi - Vice President & CEO, Hero Moto Corp Ltd.

“A public cloud solution gives me a great ROI and agility but there were security concerns since this application involved mission critical data. We selectedPC Solutions over other vendors due to their expertise on Cloud Domain, focus on ensuring security of mission critical data and their professionalism and customer centricity.”

Vijay Sethi, Vice President & CIO, Hero MotoCorp Ltd





Various technical and design teams of Hero MotoCorp are based out of Europe, North America and India. Since these teams have to work in coherence with each other and often work together on different assignments, their work needs to be shared with the teams at other locations. While collaborating with each other, care was to be taken that there was no potential threat to the Intellectual Property being developed while sharing was happening. Hero MotoCorp was earlier using a cloud solution which posed a lot of security and tracking challenges in the documents being shared. To cater to these challenges, Hero MotoCorp developed a solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform with the help of PC Solutions which provided them with a reliable, secure platform where storage, service support and security issues were being taken care of as per their business requirements.



Hero MotoCorp evaluated the offerings & capabilities of the Azure platform and involved PC Solutions Pvt Ltd. because of their professional capabilities on the platform being aMicrosoft Gold Certified Partner. Through discussions, it was realized that a customized solution could be built using the Azure platform which suited the business requirements for collaboration keeping in mind the various concerns for granularity, security and availability.

PC Solution along with the Hero MotoCorp team did a deep dive envisioning and planning activities to design the solution based on the understanding of business needs and challenges. The solution involved a major break up of three components i.e.

1. The Azure based solution comprising a dot net based application running on the Cloud Services, SQL Azure, Blob Storage.

2. The second component was the back end administration portal that was provided to the organizational administrators to manage access to the platform and gave them rights to add, edit and modify users and give those rights and accesses accordingly.

3. The final piece was the actual portal where the users can log in and upload, download and share their documents with theircounterparts. There was IP based security enabled on the application which ensured that the users were not able to access the same from outside the office premises. The other aspect was close integration of the platform with emails alerts and detailed activity logging of each operation done by all the users on the platform. Hero MotoCorp also signed the Azure Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft as a strategic decision to move to the Azure Cloud.


Teams from different offices now work together with ease, access documents, and collaborate with each other from anywhere, and, are confident of a secure business environment.




The subscription based Microsoft Windows Azure provide them a platform to develop a customized tool which is meeting their requirements perfectly. At the same time, it protects business communications and sensitive information by meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements.


Avoids Capital Investment

The Microsoft Windows Azure saves the organization from capital investment on infrastructure, hardware or software. The hosted platform helps in reducing Capital Expenses on servers and storage. “Microsoft is responsible for patches, upgrades and maintenance. This minimizes administration, maintenance and hosting related resources and costs.


Assures Security and Governance

With the tool developed now the users’ authentication and authorization happens only when accessed from the office premises. Furthermore the login and IP are being tracked with the logs of the activities done by each user which helps in managing and maintaining the whole portal by the Administrators.Besides this, there is user creation, provisioning, de-provisioning and modifying capabilities which can be done through the portal.


Improves Collaboration, Productivity

With this solution Microsoft is responsible for patches, upgrades and maintenance of the data center and PC Solutions for the administration, maintenance and hosting related resource management. This reduces the effort being invested by the Hero MotoCorp team in managing the same. Online presence of real time data and the ability to collaborate with proper security, minimizes delays over important decisions and ensures higher productivity.


Guarantees 99.99 Percent Uptime

With real-time communication, Hero MotoCorp has gained significantly on reliability factor as Microsoft Windows Azure is always available while service level agreement guarantees 99.99 percent uptime, thus resolving unreliability issues. PC Solutions has also been a very active partner in being there to address issues in case any come up in the functionality of the system.


Reduces Back up and Storage Risks

There is built in Disaster recovery and geo replication that is available with Microsoft Windows Azure. It ensures that there is no data loss on the cloud from the data center even in the case of any physical issues at the datacenter. Hence there is no need to take manual backups and maintain on-premise storage of the data that is already being replicated on the Azure Cloud.



For More Information

For more information about the Hero MotoCorp, visit the website



For more information about the PC Solutions, visit the website www.e-pspl.com


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Microsoft Windows Azure

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Document published March 2013




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