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IBM BladeCenter

IBM BladeCenter servers help organizations address business challenges of manageability, scalability, capacity, performance, cooling, power consumption and space constraints. IBM Blade Center helps in reducing infrastructure costs, installation time and manual intervention. With the help of RAS and future proof IT, Blade servers reduce risk, increase opportunity for future scalability and ensure smooth running of business operations.

IBM X Series Servers

Intel® Xeon® processors power a range of IBM Servers and Blade Center servers, which enable organizations to maximize their servers utilization, keeping enough scalability for growth. Intel processors give maximum performance required during peak periods and automatically reduce power consumption accordingly during idle stage. This helps to keep energy costs low.

IBM P series Servers

IBM POWER7™ processor technology combines with AIX®, IBM i, and Linux operating systems delivers high level of system performance, availability and greater efficiency.  With ultra high-frequency dual-core processor technology, integrated EnergyScale™ technology and mainframe inspired self-healing features; Power servers can deliver high computing power with enormous power efficiency. Systems based on IBM POWER™ microprocessors provide benchmarks in performance where high computing is required.

IBM Storage

IBM Network attached storage (NAS)

IBM Network attached storage (NAS) products offer storage solutions to increase protection and scalability for business data. It helps to increase asset utilization, availability and reliability with minimal management and running cost.

IBM Storage Area Network (SAN)

IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of SAN storage, switches and solutions which helps in bringing reliable information to users in a cost effective manner. IBM provides flexible, scalable and open standards-based storage solutions for varied requirements across industries.


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