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Backup, Recovery, and Archiving Solutions

EMC’s broad archiving portfolio enables organizations to create an accessible online archive which lowers operational costs and facilitates retrieval of valuable information. It also helps minimize tape backups and archives, reduce the cost of primary storage, ensure compliance with regulatory and litigation requirements, remove traditional archive silos, and increase content reuse capabilities and storage efficiency.

EMC Backup and Recovery solutions strengthen data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, even for the largest data volumes. It also reduces the amount of data to be backed up while optimizing the environment with a full range of platform, software and subscription-based service solutions.

EMC Backup, Recovery, and Archiving   Products:

EMC Avamar: Fast, efficient backup and recovery through a complete software and hardware solution. Equipped with integrated data deduplication technology, Avamar facilitates fast, daily full backups for VMware environments, remote offices, enterprise applications, LAN/NAS servers and desktops/laptops.

EMC Data Domain: Deduplication storage systems for next-generation backup and recovery. Scalable Data Domain systems feature high-speed, inline deduplication and network-efficient replication. A single system can reduce storage requirements 10-30x and protect up to 28.5 petabytes of logical capacity.

EMC NetWorker: backup and recovery software centralizes, automates, and accelerates data backup and recovery across the IT environment. NetWorker delivers high performance and offers wide range of data protection options to safeguard critical business data.

EMC Data Protection Advisor: Manage service levels, reduce complexity and eliminate manual efforts. Its   powerful data protection management features help automate monitor, analyze, alert, and report across backup, replication and virtual environments.



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