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Wireless Communication

Most organizations are adopting wireless technology for flexible operations and business benefits owing to the growth of end computing devices in various formats. The growth of different wireless technologies has changed the way businesses and individuals communicate with each other. Introduction of 802.11n standard with effective DATA RATE of 300 Mbps will accelerate the adoption and up gradation further.

PC Solutions excellent value added network and communication solution has empowered organizations with rich productivity and high efficiency around the globe.


PC Solutions offers:

  • Certified resources to design, execute and manage the wireless networks
  • Mesh infrastructure deployments
  • Hotspots implementation
  • Outdoor & Indoor uninterrupted wireless access solutions while roaming within campus or office premises
  • Infrastructure capable of handling 24x7 onsite and remote support to global customers

We offer solutions around Cisco and HP-Network's wireless products. We conduct  site surveys for a proper design and provide successful solution implementation.




The PC Solutions "QUEST": Quality in services through Universal cooperative approach with Exceptional reliability and Satisfaction to customers through Technical expertise.

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